This is our main Menu. Currently we are planning on (If it is in BLUE it is live now):Video TV 2

  • The Main Channel – An eclectic mix of all the programming we receive…
  • The Music Channel – Have a music video? This is where it will go….
  • The Film Channel – Have a short or full film? It will be placed here….
  • The Social Issues Talk Channel – Have an issue you want to discuss? Do it here…
  • The Education Channel – Have educational content? We will put it here…

There will be more as we expand, Have an idea for a channel? Let us know what it is. We have our Main Channel up and running now and the channels above will become live links as we launch a channel

In the meantime while we expand, you can also enjoy one of our many Classic films provided by our parent company, Interact-Tv. Click anywhere on the picture below to start the TV or scroll down further to select films to watch.

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