Sample Featured Channel Page

This is a sample of a Featured Channel page. This is an example of a Music Channel. Your video will appear on a page like this with other videos in cue. The channel will auto-start and the videos are shown in random order, so that everyone has a chance at being the first video someone sees (refresh page and you will see a different video starts). There is also a second player on each page with scrolling video selection, in case someone would rather to select a video to watch.

id=pocketkidrecords, w=350, num=300, type=channel, square=false, liststyle=false, q=, rounded=0, showsearch=true, showpaging=true, filmstyle=false, playlists=false, borderwidth=6, bordercolor=fff, start=, stop=, showshadows=true, brochurestyle=false, 123=false, columns=2, width=auto, color=, dark=false, bgcolor=, plstyle=, channelids=, showdescriptions=, videowall=false, playicons=true, hover=false, classic=true, classiclist=false, carousel=false, slider=false, slider2=false, featured=, tag=, height=279, showtags=false, showvideotags=false, source=vimeo, styling=, newpage=false, playicons=true, animated=, titleonimage=, widescreen=, bw=, playlist=, style=, orderby=, hideplayer=false, sintro=false, startat=, autoplay=true, transition=scroll, duration=800, interval=7500, smallthumbs=false, nothumbs=true, loop=false, shuffle=true

Music courtesy of Pocket Kid Records and “Dead Sara”