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In the 80’s you could travel down to your local cable station use their set to produce a talk show, or you could produce your own talk show or film and just deliver the cable station the film. We know. We did it many times….Video TV 2

If you wanted to go regional or national….you had to do this with every Cable Company in every city around the US….

And then you never quite knew how many people were actually watching…

NOW you can go worldwide in an instant and you can PRE-DETERMINE your traffic.  Because unlike the old Public Access stations, we BRING THE VIEWERS TO YOU.  That means you can decide on a budget and we will bring as little as 1,000 to as many as 50,000 potential viewers to your TV program per day. In addition you can bring your own viewers at no charge. And if any of the random visitors to our website change channels and decide to watch your program, there is also no charge.

Now some things don’t change – If your content is not very good, people will surf to another channel….No one can please everyone, so even if you have good content, someone may be looking for good “comedy” not “discussion about world politics”. Our preliminary tests, however, indicate that about 75% of the traffic we bring to you stays long enough to register as a visitor (10 secs or more) and as much as 60% stay and watch programming. [However, that does not mean that there is a guarantee that 60% will stay and watch your entire programming, as again it depends on your programming. We are just telling you what is possible. In preliminary test, about 2% of visitors stayed and watched program content for over 2 hrs.]

Featured Channels – as an introductory special we are waiving our $50 set up fee if you subscribe to a one year placement at $5/month. If you prepay for the year you will get a discounted price of $50. If you prefer you can pay the $5 monthly.

Featured Content – As an introductory package, we are waiving our normal $300 set up fee, if you simply subscribe to a minimum one month package of 1,000 visitors to your TV program a day. Traffic can be geo-localized for any country and traffic prices start at $.01/visitor (worldwide international traffic) and can go as high as $.10 a visitor for premium geo-localized traffic. A western European package might run $.02/visitor, for example, whereas specific requests for premium countries such as US, UK, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand could be in the $.06 to $.10 cent/visitor range.

We suggest that you start off testing your content with lower price per visit packages and with successful statistical results consider moving up to higher priced visitors.

You can leave your content on our website for as long as you want after the initial one month package for a fee of $5.00/month.

IF YOU HAVE LOTS OF CONTENT and want your OWN CHANNEL, let us know. We have special pricing for those who want their own channel.

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